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GTP GEEKS was established to create new knowledge beyond GTP energy metabolism research, and to contribute to the development of medicine and industry, and to the creation and development of a more affluent society.


WHY GTP? – Our GTP-Quest for Life

Guanine ribose triphosphate (GTP) is the building block of nucleic acids, but also the energy that drives protein synthesis and the cytoskeletal system. It is similar to ATP, the famous energy currency of cells, but the amount of intracellular GTP varies greatly from tissue to tissue and is significantly increased in cancer. We wondered if there was a hidden role for these changes in GTP. We started research on this idea. We have discovered an intracellular GTP sensor, PI5P4Kβ, and have discovered the reprogramming of GTP metabolism in cancer and the spatial regulation of GTP metabolism. It seems that life evolves by changing the energy utilization of GTP, which plays an important role in the resilience of life. And the disruption of the GTP system seems to be linked to various pathologies such as cancer, metabolic diseases, infections, neurological diseases and aging. The GTP energy metabolism system is revealing itself on a scale far beyond our expectations. The elucidation of this system requires a variety of techniques and knowledge. We have established GTP-GEEKS as a place where experts (geeks) from various fields can cross the barriers and passionately explore GTP, creating new knowledge and contributing to the creation and development of a more affluent society. 

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日時:2022年12月2日 9:00-11:30
会場:第06会場(304 / 150席)


【オンラインセミナー】 最先端バイオ研究室探訪シリーズ:


 講演者: 佐々木 敦朗 教授


2022年度 GTP GEEKS 学振メンバー募集


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