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Atsuo Sasaki

Atsuo T. Sasaki, Ph.D.

University of Cincinnati Associate Professor

Keio University Specially Appointed Professor


Molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, cancer metabolic biology, in vivo experimental medicine

  • YouTubeの - 灰色の円
  • Twitterの - 灰色の円

How would you describe your lab in one word?

We are users of five vertical approaches to biology research-molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, cancer metabolic biology, and in vivo experimental medicine. We are good at exploration, and new ones from one project! I will find the discovery. In the process, I come across a super-dreadnought discovery that gives me goose bumps. This is our iron plate style. In addition, learning life philosophy is also important for the growth of researchers, and we value ideas, words and actions.



Atsuo Sasaki :Associate Prof. / Specially Appointed Professor

Junko Murai :Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Ryo Kamata :Doctor student

Natsuki Osaka :Doctor student

Hiroki Fujii :Postdoctoral Fellow (Uehara Memorial Fellow)       

Mika Sasaki :Senior research assistant / lab manager

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