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Biological group

Yoshihisa Hirota, Ph.D.

Shibaura Institute of Technology Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering Department of Life Sciences Shibaura Institute of Technology Graduate School of Systems Science and Engineering Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Research

Our Techniques



The Hirota Laboratory at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) aims to elucidate life science phenomena using biochemistry and molecular biology techniques with animal cells, mice and rats. We are conducting metabolic research on fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients through the establishment of precise quantification and omics technologies for nutrients using mass spectrometers. Nucleic acid research has been started after the University of Cincinnati oversea in 2020, and we are conducting GTP research by analyzing the phenotype of newly created genetically modified mice and using primary culture technology of each tissue. In the graduate school, we have established a course called Drug Discovery Science Research in collaboration with the Laboratory of Drug Discovery Chemistry of SIT. We have synthesized many new derivatives of the basic skeletons of nutrients as lead compounds. We have succeeded in developing derivatives that are many times more active than natural nutrients, and we are conducting exploratory research to find the seeds of future medicines.

GTP Project


Our group has found that PI5P4Kβ is a GTP sensor. By inserting a specific mutation into PI5P4Kβ, we have found a mutation that reduces only GTP recognition without changing ATP recognition. Therefore, we are generating mice with a specific mutation in PI5P4Kβ and analyzing their phenotype. The phenotype of the generated mice has been revealed by behavioral tests and breeding under various conditions. In order to elucidate the phenotype at the molecular level, we have succeeded in establishing primary cultured cells of the tissue that showed the prominent phenotype. We hope to clarify the importance of GTP recognition in the body by using omics technologies such as metabolome analysis on the generated mice and obtained cells.

For young researchers

We are looking for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who can do research with energy and fun. I will guide you on basic techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology, mass spectrometry techniques, etc. If you are interested in nutrients or drug discovery research, please contact us!

Grant in progress


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research International Joint Research Acceleration Fund (Strengthening International Joint Research (A))

Elucidation of vitamin K metabolism control mechanism via GTP metabolism sensor and application to cancer treatment

15,600,000 yen (Direct cost: 12,000,000 yen, Indirect cost: 3,600,000 yen)

GTP GEEKS is engaged in GTP metabolism research using various approaches such as biochemical and structural methods. Each lab accepts master's and doctoral students (and postdocs).
If you are interested in GTP study, those who are considering go to the master's doctoral feel free to Contact Please contact us from.

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