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Drug discovery group

Yoshiki Ikeda, Ph.D.

Our Techniques


The Ikeda Group is working every day with the aim of “In silico-oriented Science”. First, evaluate the validity of verifying the event by In silico analysis (Molecular dynamics, structural modeling, lipid membrane dynamics, genetic statistics, multiomics analysis, AI program creation, etc.), and at the same time, experiment with what kind of strategy. We are instructing with a focus on whether to perform targeted verification.

  As an example of research currently being conducted,  



・ Membrane-like behavior of single-transmembrane proteins and interacting factors mainly composed of integrins

・ Construction of effective drug screening method for membrane proteins

・ Elucidation of new cell death mechanism by omics analysis

・ Design and demonstration of next-generation antibody using shark VNAR antibody

・ Creation of basic technology for designing medium-molecular-weight peptide drugs and RNA drugs

・ Molecular Dynamics analysis of G protein and GTP-operated protein

・ Construction of organelle-specific drug library



And so on. We are focusing on developing all-rounders who can analyze in silico and in vivo in all of these, but of course, those who say "I will never lose in this field" are also welcome, so please do not miss it. Please consider participating in.

GTP GEEKS is engaged in GTP metabolism research using various approaches such as biochemical and structural methods. Each lab accepts master's and doctoral students (and postdocs).
If you are interested in GTP study, those who are considering go to the master's doctoral feel free to Contact Please contact us from.

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